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EdinarCoin - All Information that you need

Here some information about Edinarcoin:

Besides developing and promoting of blockchain technology, E-Dinar also supports financial independence from the central and commercial banks and other financial institutions and general freedom from international and national control.
E-Dinar Coin is also introducing measures to fight air and water pollution, deforestation investing part of its income in the development of new urban projects that are aimed to provide cities with clean water and fresh air as well as reducing the heat island effect in urban areas, the level of pollution and climate change.

How it works?

E-Dinar is mining Edinarcoin (EDR).

The mining process is daily. You win mining bonus every day. How it works?

1.    You need to have a E-Dinar wallet on Blockchain;
You can register thru this link. Please pay attention during the registration process it will appear a brainkey (it´s a password with a lot of words) you must save it, because you will need it to enter in your account every time. Important: don´t loose it and don´t share it!! Edinar recommendation is to print it.

2.    You can purchase on the markets, like Yobit, Livecoin, Allcoins etc., an amount of Edinarcoins; 1$, 100$ what ever you want.
 Yobit is very easy and intuitive https://yobit.net/?bonus=IPQYU
Here a link to help you with all the process. (Buying and selling)

3.    After the purchase you withdraw the Edinarcoins to your wallet on E-dinar. Why?

4.    Because the amount that you bought will start mining a 0.65% daily, that makes a 20% monthly income. Example: if you bought 100$, at the end of that month you will have 120 EDRs in the next month 144 EDR and on, and on. The mining process is automatically* made in the Edinar wallet in blockchain.

5.    If you want you can sell/trade them any time in the exchange markets.

Edinarcoin rate right now is around the 0.95 dollars. The company perspective is to stabilize it at 1$ and increase it value in the next years.
At the market will arrive 999 trillion coins in the next 33 years as you see it previously (is the perspective of the end of the mining process, 33 years)

Some youtube videos for you with presentations in English of partners from Asia.

Here a video to help how to purchase coins

The main website where information is available.

Edinar Marketing Plan ( just outstanding!)

So, the bottom thing is: if you buy Edinarcoin you will get 20% monthly in your e-dinar wallet. 

Any doubts, name it! And I´ll give my best to explain it personally to you.

A resumé:
Mining prestart: August 15, 2016
Fee for transfers between wallets: EDR 0,1
Block Time: ~ 5 sec
Number of coins (max.): 999. (999 trillion) – to be released within 33 years
Pre-mining total number of coins: 2.500.000.000 (2.5 billion)

Hashing Type: X11

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